Reply Wireless Interactive Technology

How We Sell (And Rent) Audience Response, Electronic Voting, and Interactive Learning Products

Reply products are offered to clients worldwide either directly from Infowhyse, or through a Value Added Reseller (VAR) network*. VARs are the independent companies that specialize in buying Reply technology products, developing a variety of software applications for use with these products, and then packaging an interactive 'system' solution for sale and/or rental.

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A word of caution: Not every company that promotes our ReplyŽ technology products or seeks your business is one of our authorized VARs. For that reason, we encourage you to contact us for a referral to a factory-authorized representative before you buy or rent any system. We want your experience with Reply technology to be a great one.

Note: * In addition to our VARs, we also support numerous OEMs and private trademark customers globally in their sales and rentals of comprehensive education, presentation, and research systems that incorporate our wireless Reply technology.

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