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In this new era of audience response solutions, customers are becoming more experienced users and more knowledgeable in their requirements resulting in an expectation that all provider’s advise informed solutions, and not simply supply conventional voting systems. Focusing on the continuous development of customer/market needs is now more critical than ever to maintain competitive differentiation and keep pace with the rapid sophistication of a complex and diverse market.

Infowhyse GmbH, together with its network partners and a number of global peers, realized that across all aspects of the business, to meet the needs of increasingly well-informed and confident buyers, a completely new approach was required. An environment that could provide real choice, real alternatives and customized solutions was essential, where the focus would be on APP’s (applications that provide outcomes and actual solutions to the customer’s problems, needs or desires) as opposed to simple data gathering and feedback systems. To meet these needs, Infowhyse GmbH has forged alliances with several hardware manufacturers (including the acquisition of the Reply® brand from the Fleetwood Group) and software developers to enable for the first time, a true cross-pollination of equipment and software to provide buyers with multiple audience response application choices under one roof.

The new Reply® Interact Series is the latest step designed to keep the initiative and to bring greater value and choice to our customers.

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These are the latest additions to our Reply® Interactive Portfolio. The New Reply® Interact Series is designed as an improvement to the standard Reply® range and provides enhanced technology and functionality in a compact low cost package.

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